Raiblocks (xrb) Price

8 Apr 2018.

The lawsuit concerns $150 million worth of XRB tokens being stolen from.

that the exchange was looking to manipulate the price of XRB; at the time, the.

action lawsuit on behalf of investors in NANO f/k/a RaiBlocks (XRB),

Price per XRB in USD, $ 9.5319. Price per XRB in Bitcoin, 0.00085083. Volume over the last 24 hours, $ 30,489,900. Market cap in USD, $ 1,270,109,368.

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11 Feb 2018.


the trading of Nano, a cryptocurrency formerly known as RaiBlocks.

after news of the BitGrail loss pushed its price down, the total value of.

Price Analysis: VeChain ($VEN), EOS ($EOS), & RaiBlocks ($XRB)!1 Feb 2018.

Nano, formally known as RaiBlocks is a cryptocurrency with.

hash rate on the record, which users end up paying for via the electricity cost.

The altcoin came back doubling in price in just couple of days.

Nano, XRB or RaiBlock, ranks 23rd in market capitalization (rank updated: Nano (NANO) price, .